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Standard Edition (Shareware)

NetworkDemoServer is provided free as shareware. In Standard Edition certain features are disabled. To see a list of those features, please click here.

4.36 MB, platform-independent

Premium Edition

NetworkDemoServer is provided free as shareware. If you want to enable all functions, please buy the premium edition.
In addition, you will support further developing by this.

Using an Android Phone?

Use the free app! Features with Standard Edition:
  • TV / Presentation control
Additional Features with Premium Edition:
  • Filebrowser: Download any file to your phone or see your pictures in fast preview mode!
  • Sync: Sync your phone's images and videos or other files with a directory on your computer from everywhere.
0.32 MB, Android 2.3.3

TC NetworkDemoServer - Wireless-LAN TV remote control, Music-, Presentation-, Filecontrol and Screen viewer for smartphones

NetworkDemoServer is a stand alone java built platform-independent webserver and connecting to it via your mobile webbrowser, it acts like a platform-independent smartphone app!.
You just start the server, configure some clear settings and can control your computer from everywhere via your smartphone.
Private internet connections become faster then ever. Instead of upload files to cloud systems you can simply access all your files directly from your computer. You do not remain in uncertainty what happens to your files, for example.
For all features see screenshots below.

The following server platforms have been tested so far:
  • Windows
  • Linux/Ubuntu

The following smartphone browsers have been tested so far:
  • Opera Mobile (version 10.1)
  • Symbian S60 built-in webbrowser
  • Android 2.3.3 built-in webbrowser (emulator; there may be some visual errors and it might run quite slowly. Please consider using Opera Mobile or the Android app instead!)

Simply extract the zip file into a directory you want the application to reside. Then, depending on your operating system, do the following:
  • Windows users: Execute "NetworkDemoServer.exe".
  • Linux / Mac users: Locate the directory in a terminal window and execute 'chmod u+x NetworkDemoServer.sh'. Afterwards execute "./NetworkDemoServer.sh".

Safe login. Only you (and users you also allow) have access to your computer. Connection is encrypted (HTTPS).
Television control. For example: DVB-T and DVB-S software.
Music control. With a plugin, that will be installed automatically by clicking "start server" this server is able to connect to Winamp and receive the currently played song and playlist in realtime.
You also can control the player. Besides, you can control other Winamp players that connect from everywhere! In this case you can just choose which player you want to control.

In addition, you can simply download this song to your phone by one click!
Giving a presentation and you don't want to run to your laptop to get the next slide all the time? Simply control it with your phone.
Are you outside for a sec and just want to check if someone has written you? Watch the computer screen here. In any browser. On any phone.
Outside again? You have to access certain data you left on your computer? Don't care about cloud systems or remain in uncertainty what happens to your files if you upload them to another host. Just access ALL your files from anywhere.
You want to show your friends the most recent pictures you have taken with your digicam but forgot to take along this unhandy device? Simply access your photos and start a diashow! Photos are compressed in size so that bandwith is spared.
If you are standing in front of a digital photo printer in some shop and you forgot to bring the photo you want to print, just download it here in full quality from your pc only by clicking the photo!